Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life Under Construction

0-5 years: Version 0.0 to 0.5 -
Being a kid, pooping and peeing here and there, learning to shout to speak to walk to run to smile and to Love.

5-10 years: Version 1.0 to 1.5-
Still a kid, Getting primarily educated, recognizing locality and surroundings, roads and streets and people around me;
Introduction to Uttar Pradesh stereotype surrounding;
abused a neighbour of mine in front of my mom, a rememberance.

10-11 years- Version 1.5Beta- Transient phase to the outer world. Gearing up to shell out of cocoon.

11-16 years- Version 2.0 to 2.5-
Going to sainik schools at Ghorakhal,Nainital and Lucknow(a unique life experience), Living in hostels, socializing, self dependence, adolescence, puberty, realizing that girls are really pretty and that something happens chemically inside us ;)
Infatuation with a girl, confessing her to which she kept me waiting for next four years until she finally just forgot me; had a lot of crushes; had loads of fun;
Asked too many questions in schools. Gave a good result for my high school.
Had a wonderful camp and tour to Goa in 2002-03 winters.
Had a few wonderful teachers, rendering some life time inspirations and lessons.
Nationalist, patriotic, socialist thoughts high in my mind.
Made a few lifetime friends;
Abuse n curses on highs.
Life was fun..all of it. Never cared for anything else.

16-18 years: Version 3.0 to 3.2-
Life in Kota, coaching at Bansal classes, living alone, working hard, sucking life, miserable it was which finally paid off resulting me landing in IIT Madras. I was and still am very miser.
Lifestyle prevented from all cash spending funs. Didnt watch a single movie in theater in Two years in Kota.
Was quite famous( ok, notorious) at Bansal Classes for asking doubts.

18-20 years: Version 4.0 to 4.2-
Life at IIT Madras. Two years at hostel.
Life sucked at times and it rocked at others.
Got screwed for saying What The Fuck to one of my seniors. :X
Frustration, ego, silly mistakes, attitude problem, shouting, carelessness.
Girls are never comfortable in my presence. I am too despo looking form my face.
Choreo, Drama, Robotics, Poetry, Blogging, and nothing serious.
Painful for others.
Lessons learnt- not much.
Met a few of the greatest seniors.

20-21 years: Version 5.0 Alpha & Beta-
Art of living, a bit of self realization.
Reinvented myself. Smile on my face.
Hectic life. Taking a part time teaching job. Earning some cash of my own.
A failure in a course. A bit more self realization. Interests in academics.
Singing. Dont care what others think about me.
Reconstructing and structuring myself.
A bit more sincere for acads n other works. Started to dream about the rarest thing I thought of in my first two years: pursuing a PhD.
Working harder. PanIIT 08- Drank for the first time- Banged the DJ Floor Harder
After 450+ applications, secured four internships.
Being more practical.
Getting a girlfriend. :)
Moving towards atheism.
Experiencing bureaucracy.
Enjoying the lucky charm.
Finally making my dream come true: taking my first ever flight (and its international as I always dreamt my first flight to be)

Looking ahead: Endsems of April 09, Internship at Germany & a wonderful Eurotrip ahead,
Deepening my research interests, Upgrading myself with reinventing process, Loosing my virginity ( getting laid someday somewhere very soon) ;)
Securing a strong base for further professional career ahead.

Waiting for the new release of Version 5.1 Alpha


sujata said...

just happened to see your blog..liked the wit!! keep it up! all the best

Manu Dev Gupta / gilly@iitmadras said...

thank you very much...

Gunvant Jain (Stacy @ IIT-M) said...

kya bae sirf chhe seniors mile !!! achhe profs nain :P

gupta.arpan said...

all the best for version 5.1 .. hope all your dreams come true in next few months :P

Mrinal & Neha said...

well i think post is actually...and about ur dreams and all, well i can only say doesnot matter they are going to fulfill or not...cozzz who knows wat future is might shatter..if u became impatient...let the fate lead ur life to its normal pace

TIWARI said...

these versions are really nice......... waiting 4 next version of eurotrip........

Pratik Gupta said...

grt description!!