Monday, April 27, 2009

Audi A6 Ride

Thats what comes out of your heart when you hitch a ride in such a lavish car, the Audi A6.
The moment I saw it at the main gate of our institute (as I was waiting to take hike from somebody or the other) I was excited. Only the driver was there in the car. So, I just waved my hand and asked for hitch. And he paused at once.
And then, the moment he opened the front door, I was just awed ..simply awed by the beauty of the car. The interiors, the seat, the comfort, the dashboard, the multimedia devices...etc etc etc..., it was the first time I was sitting in such a luxurious car.
The ride was very small, just 2kms to say. Five minutes maximum I guess. But, all through those few minutes, I was volatile and unstable inside.
There was a unique excitement and smile on my face. My eyes were glowing. I was so happy that I just couldnt believe it. I had just seen all those things in movies...but for real...this was it.
And it was THE CAR I had ever been inside.

I wanted to smile fully, I wanted to express the joy, but being seated besides the driver, continuously I was trying to suppress those expressions and showing up just a little smile. I had to. And then when I came out of it, I was so happy. It was like you get something that you have dreamt about but never thought of coming so close to it.

All of it sounds so childish..and yea it is. But there are a few things which you just dream of, and if all of a sudden you get even an inch closer to them, you feel awesome. So did I felt.

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