Saturday, April 11, 2009

e-Letter to GOD

Dear Mr God!
I am not sorry if you are offended when I call you a Mister.
After spending almost twenty one years of my so called life, which has just been a long long series of incidents, I just wanted to talk to you. So here I am. Well, its not the first I am talking to you...but ofcourse its the first time when I perceive you no more as the so called ALMIGHTY.
Things have happened to they do with others. Not boasting for my hard working deeds nor calling myself lucky...I would just like to conclude that this fate, on an average, has been just a NEUTRAL, & I hope you understand what I mean by this NEUTRAL. There large number of arguments I can provide, to tell you that I have been quite unfortunate and my bad luck has deprived me of so many things I wished for. the same can give an equal number of arguments for what all I have been provided and privileged with. So lets not argue about that. Lets just forget what the hell or heaven you might have written...or thought to be written in my fate.
I recall from the beginning of my childhood..being brought up in a typical middle class vaishya Hindu have been given quite a lot of verbal importance in every context, no matter what it might be. So, the influence on this poor man writing this letter to you, had been quite a lot.For so long, I believed that you certainly do exist somewhere in the seventh sky or some galaxy or somewhere else in this universe..and observing all of us. And trust me...for most of the cases ..its was the fear for your presence and not the encouragement..that we had to do good deeds. That very belief in my subconscious mind, I have not been able to remove it completely from my head. And you know what, I hate you for all this non sense. Your presence or absence, practically, has not been effective at all. Infact the faith has been degrading my performance quite a few times. There have been times when I had cried recalling you...demanding lieu of keeping my faith. There have been other times when for a long duration I didnt care if you are there. You were indeed an irritation for my thoughts.
So why am I writing all this today???
All of a sudden, what happened that I am talking all this non-sense, or may be sense.
Its just that I want you to know...and I want the others to know......that I cant digest your conception any more. It ll take me some more time to remove you completely out of my mind.
Its just ridiculous...when at times I used to call you ..or recall you....assuming that you will help me out. I was so wrong. I mean think practically, out of more than 6 billion people on this bloody earth, what would be the probability of you listening to me...even if you actually existed.
This life around me has been running so well or unwell...just because of the humans around me are messed up in all the things- good or bad. I dont have to talk about if you control my fate or anybody's fate for that matter.
My knowledge & wisdom, how so ever small it may be, has compelled me to draw this conclusion, atleast for myself, are nothing more than an imposed composition and illusion.
Things happening in life, events taking place, incidents & accidents caused so far...they just have been...I dont want to call them destiny. They just know just like every other thing does.
I am capable of doing what I can..and react accordingly of what I am. I cant recall you or pray you anymore. Neither can I devote 1001/- prasadam for you at the temples. If I do something good..I dont expect from you to tap my shoulders. And if I do something wrong, neither do I expect you to blame me. I shall do the things I want. You may wait and watch..if you are so may simply lie down in front of your devotees in thousands of temples and chuches and mosques and god (you) knows where....and have free lunch.
But take it from me...I dont have a single penny to give you...I dont have a single second to remember you.....and I dont have a single word to praise you...and I dont have a single word to criticize you either. I just dont care if you are...or if you arent. But for sure I want my belief of your non existence to be preserved and protected. I dont want some Tom Dick n Harry coming to me and telling me that the GOD says....blah blah blah....Its my belief or non belief...and I shall fight to protect it. You may feel jealous..after all you are loosing lots of prasadam from me..which you, so happily, could have feast upon while millions of other creatures keep on fighting for the single grain.
Events happening here have been related to me...problems are mine...and I shall do my own efforts to solve them out. I dont need your leverage at any step.
I hope you might have clearly got the idea of what I want to convey.

Good luck for you Mister.

And yeah, by the way, GOD bless you...(you may bless yourself, ofcourse).

See you again on earth.(I dont want your hell or heaven)

Good Bye


chicky YA gaal said...

are bhai .. itni achhi intern lag gayi ... pune main bhi bhai ko achha feedback mil raha hai ... aur sale ... yahan 2500 mail ke baad bhi kuch nahin hua ....
to bhai chill maar yaar .. germany jaane aur ghoomne ke sapne dekh .. jo bhi karna ki socha hai .. vo kar aana :) ...
haan ab bhi tu aisa hi raha .. fir to bolna hi padega ... " rote kyon ho shakal hi aisi hai " ... :)
itna kuch mila hai ... njoy kar !!! verna rota hi reh jayega !!!

Manu Dev Gupta / gilly@iitmadras said...

If i dnt have something..blame is on me..
similarly..if i have something..the credit is all mine. I dnt need to thank the so called GOD

Shanky said...

it doesn't matter whom you credit... you or god.. because the almighty one resides in oneself. And so if you wanna pain GOD.. do so because it concerns only you and no one else.

and mudit is right.. things are working out for you dont write such things

Apurv said...

Dude, I wonder what has life done to you!
Really strong emotions but I must say, well expressed! I am sure GOD must have got a very clear idea of your feelings and He shall be beware lest he may lose some more "prasadam". :P
Take care though.

Manu Dev Gupta / gilly@iitmadras said...

as i said, i dont want that imposition of Almighty.
its now that ur saying that things are working fine, but exactly ten days back...had i been tellin u my story..u might have simply said Be positive and keep working hard.

Gurmeet Singh said...

what made a somewhat believer of God stand against him??? nething u wanna share???