Monday, March 30, 2009

This is life..

Laugh a loud sometime
cry hard sometime
Fall in love with someone..
get ditched by a few ones.
Work hard ..burn off your backs..
get a pot belly..not just the 6 packs.
love a stranger..heed a few beggers..
mess up in the streets...jus like those niggers..
Stare at a cleavage..whistle for some babes...
stalk some girls..get into some rages.
Help an stranger..forget it off...
put on shiny plastics...a little show off
Work like an ass...get crooked by a shrewd
take away some a a little rude...
Cook something veg..roast some nice meat..
some what messed up..n somewhat neat.
Be a tech savvy...put on some formals...
dust yourself..and move on as normals.
sometimes...wear a mask, cheat with 'em
pity on them..regret for them..
forget the if u dont care..
take up the things you dont even dare.
pull up your sleeves..and strike with no fear..
but heed the pain..when bad times are near.
Nothing is free ...and the pains we bear..
give us the fruits of life my dear!!!