Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, in this post I am gonna talk about Nature as we perceive in drawings and paintings.
To give a humorous start...I would like you to look up this link:

By now you might have got some idea what I am going to talk about.
So, this really is the case. Whenever we are asked to express nature, most of us actually end up in making plants an trees and sometimes animals. But I personally believe this very superficial.
This kind of representation is just what you may mostly encounter in some Zoo or garden or some jungle.
But, what I would like to emphasize is that why are we so constraint by this thought. Why dont we go deeper into this???Why dont we understand that millions and millions of processes happening in nature are part of it. Its not just the view you enjoy in nature, its also the process,the situations, the surroundings.........but we hardly try to depict all this in colors. Too shady on our part ..aint it???
Well you may wonder, why suddenly I talk about this topic..
so the reason being that, today I took part in a painting competition and this is what I perceived from all the people around me...
As far as I am concerned, as usual, I was a philosophical in my nature's representation.
So, my painting was simple. The theme was nature's beauty. I made a dry dead tree at the centre of the page under a harsh Sun, on a barren land, but along with was a smaaall plant with a green leaf on it.
I hope you can understand the scenario........
so, for me even that was the beauty of the nature...aint it???
I was quite happy after I finished it. Soon I ll posting its picture. But yeah, this was a wonderful experience to work with water colors after a long long time. And ofcourse, my ignorance of colors' behaviour made me pay a price on the quality my painting.
But personally, I feel, these kinds of things are the one when I can say that I really put my 100 percent sincere efforts. I love arts...literally love it. After a long time, now I have realised that,YES, this is the thing I would always love to do in my life. You know, there are very rare times in life when you actually get to know what you really like from deep inside your heart.
So...there are always lots n lots of things to explore inside ourselves....
and I am onto it.

18 oct,08,
now its here.