Friday, July 4, 2008

To all Hindi lovers

I have been in Love with Hindi for so long.
Though,only recently I have started reading hindi novels as well.
The first one I finished was Nirmala by Premchand.
I would strongly recommend it to everyone who is interested in reading hindi.
Its a very good novel and written so beautifully that you can live it.
I have its .doc format. Anyone interested,please contact me.


Shivi said...

I've read nearly all of premchand's works, along with shivani, mahadevi verma, mahashweta devi, khshma sharma, vishnu prabhakar , mannu bhandari, jayshankar prasad. but I've all the books in print form, at home, so afsos, ki main share nahi kar sakti presently. [:)]

Manu Gupta / gilly@iitmadras said...

thnx for visiting my blog..
btw,even if u have so many books and u hv read way sharing is to just give them to others who are interseted(like me) and ask them to pass it on.
personally I do this,with all the books I have or I buy.