Monday, June 2, 2008

The Big Blog from BigB himself

Hi dear friends,
It has been around 40 days, that our star Amitabh Bachchan has started writing his blog. It may sound absurd to some of you why am I mentioning this thing on my blog but I really want to recommend to all of my readers and friends that this had been the best blog I have ever read, literally. None of us could ever imagine that we shall be getting to know such fine and beautiful aspects of his life. He writes in such a beautiful manner, and everything seems so vivid that you can really feel it. You can actually feel like you are personally talking to the actor himself. With such long life experience and a great legendary acting career, he has got literally a lot to tell us about himself and everything he tells us readable. The humbleness,the quality of words,the traditional values,the very own great respect to his parents,the memories from all throughout his life since childhood till this age of 66.....he is just superb. In addition to this, sometimes he even replies to the comments that are given from readers. Making it very obvious for such a blog that every entry of his gets hundreds of comments on and on....
Till now, I had always respected him as a great actor,but this is first time I now feel that he a greater man. When read about his experiences that he shares, I am sure everyone among us will accept.
I recommend all of you to please read that blog whenever you get time.

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